The Most Advanced Electric Cigarette, the eGo-C Review

New, Advanced eGo-C

New, Advanced eGo-C

Earlier this year JoyeTech came out with the new eGo-C, the most advanced electronic cigarette now available on the market.  It has quickly become a great seller.  So, what’s so good about the new eGo-C?  Is it just an updated version of the venerable eGo-T?  Is it something better?  Will it save you even more money?  Is it a better e smoke than the rest?


JoyeTech eGo brand has been the staple of electric cigarettes.  The brand has been rebranded and sold under various names by varied collections of e cigarette retailers.  Sold all over the world, eGo is the number 1 brand in the world.


eGo-C shares some similarity with the eGo-T.  It has similar dimensions, a tank mouth piece that holds approximately 1 ml of e-liquid, and uses regular eGo batteries with the 510/eGo connection.  The tank-mouth piece is the same design, clear with a flat, whistle-like tip and can be used with the eGo-T.  The similarity appears to end there.


I purchased the new, most advanced e cigarette for this testing from E Smoke Depot (  They had the lowest price that was found on the internet and was purchased during a sales event which saved even more money.  The kit came with the following:

  • (2) 650mAh eGo batteries
  • (2) cone and atomizer holders (pre-assembled)
  • (5) atomizer heads
  • (5) tank cartridges
  • (3) replacement cartridge caps
  • (3) silicone tip covers
  • (1) AC adapter
  • (1) USB adapter
  • Manual
  • Carry pouch


Revolutionary Atomizer Design


eGo-C Atomizer Assembly

The heart of the revolutionary design is the new two piece atomizer design and the integrated cone.  The new evolution of the eGo-T has an atomizer that consists of two parts, the atomizer head and atomizer body.  This gives the user of the e smoke the ability to change just the atomizer head, thus saving the consumer even more money over cigarettes.


Disassembly of the eGo-C’s atomizer was slightly difficult due the base and atomizer being screwed in tight from the factory.  Once off, replacement and reassembly of the atomizer, atomizer body and cone was a breeze.  The atomizer head features the new vertical atomizer.  It is basically a vertical, hollow, angle-cut steel post with a wick through the post, similar to the second-generation atomizers.  If you are still using the nickel-net or steel mesh types of atomizers, you need to definitely upgrade your electronic smoking device.


Does this mean that the atomizer needs to be replaced more often or not as durable as the old standards?  It doesn’t appear to be the case with the new eGo-C.  During testing of the eGo-C by the author, the electronic cigarette from Joyetech works as well as the eGo-T.



Although doesn’t give off as much vapor as the dual-coiled atomizer, this is a slight upgrade from the eGo-T in respect to amount of vapor and throat-hit per drag.  The set-up works pleasantly well.  The unit was tested with repeated, quick, successive vaping without any noticeable decrease in amount of vapor or the atomizer drying out.

Battery life for the eGo-C is typical of most eGo 650 mAh battery.  Doesn’t appear to use more power than the eGo-T and lasts a quite a long time.  As with previous eGo models, this unit also comes with the battery shut-off mode.  The mode allows the user to switch the battery off so it does not accidentally turn on in your purse or pocket.  5 quick and successive clicks of the manual battery button turns it on and off.  The battery is not of a pass-thru design but rather the old fashion 510 screw-in connection to the charging cable.


The kit also came with a functional, basic pouch to carry your eGo-C around.



The eGo-C is a great step in the right direction, saving the consumer money and going green by reducing what needs to be replaced.  Sort of like getting a new engine when you only need to replace the spark plugs.  In this case, you just replace the small atomizer head instead of the entire assembly which is the case with eGo-T.  Generally, the new, advanced eGo-C was an improvement over the eGo-T.  Like other EGO products, eGo-C parts are backwards compatible with eGo atomizers, cartridges and accessories. So you can use your eGo-T atomizers with eGo-C’s and vice a versa.


Did not experience any leakage during the testing but not counting on it.  Minor condensation of the e-liquid in the mouth piece was observed during testing but did not detract from the use of the electronic cigarette.


Overall, the eGo-C out performs the eGo-T in terms for cost-of-ownership and vaping experience.



  • Saves money when replacing atomizers
  • No leakage
  • Great design
  • Easily replaceable atomizer heads
  • Quality construction



  • No pass-thru charger
  • Needs to be of a lower resistance
  • Needs dual coils


You can purchase eGo products featured here from E Smoke Depot, Sin City E Smoke, Cheap E Smoke, and Sin City Electric Cigarette.  The tested model was purchased at Sin City E Cigarette due to the site’s everyday low discounted prices on electronic cigarettes and excellent customer service.

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